Already have VPS? No problem!

I can set your server in your own vps hosting!

Test Server Download (Click the link on the description)

This contains ALL of my paid scripts. Here is where all my showcase and testing scripts are up for test.

Please do check it out when you have time.

Here is the link to my test server.

Complete Ragnarok Setup

What's included in this package?
* Server File setup
* Client File setup
* Thor Patcher setup.

One-time payment only.
No other modifications will be made.

You must have Debian 10 for your Linux OS.

Shared Web Hosting

Need of External FluxCP with free sub-domain? You are in the right spot!
* You can use this to upload your patch files
* Free sub-domain (
* No setup fee
No other modifications will be made.
Default Flux theme only.

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