It's almost a month since I have decided to upgrade my website. There are quite a lot of unexpected shortcomings and issues came to me. This includes the global pandemic issues and some personal problems as well. Also, my laptop which I used for my ragnarok work stuff is not charging. As much as I wanted it to get fixed, there are no available shops opened at my area to fix it. Now, I am only using my mother's laptop on which she uses for her work. So, I need to wait for her to finish using it before I could.

Anyhow, I still try to catch up on my website upgrade little by little. I am happy to say that it is almost complete (90%) as of today. Hopefully we can resume full operation as soon as possible.

Right now, I will announce that the old website  will be removed very soon. There are some price discrepancies on my old web to this new one. The old one is not applicable anymore. Current prices followed are found on this site. On my test server, prices are also not updated.Once I get the time, I will update those as well. Just PM me in discord if you want to purchase something.

For my Pre-made server, I have removed that option right now. I realized that selling pre-made is a bad idea in a lot of ways. Anyhow, we still have a long way to go and there might be some additional products and services to be added soon.

Keep safe every one! Stay at home and I hope to be working with you soon. Thank you so much.


Best Regards,



Friday, May 8, 2020

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